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    Songs of Thalassa will be available for pre-order in March and softcover/Kindle on April 1 on Amazon.com. To learn more sign up below to receive my email newsletter for details and upcoming events.

    The first seven chapters will be posted here for free beginning next month, stay tuned!

    About the Book

    In a future where sporting competitions take place on distant planets, a Hawaiian surfer seeks to reclaim her fame and followers while defeating her nemesis once and for all. But once she hears the songs of the Thalassa, she’ll discover that winning might not be the most important thing.

    After a surfing accident claims her career and nearly takes her life, surfer Sage Thompson is at a crossroads. Still mourning her astronaut father’s death on a mission to the ocean planet Thalassa, a tragedy she might be able to put behind her with the help her fans—if they still believed in her—she’s not sure what to do, where to go, or how to move on. But when Milo challenges her to a contest on the ocean planet Thalassa, the asteroid- and tsunami-ravaged world that stole her father, she’ll discover that she not only still has what it takes to win, but that winning might not be the most important thing.

    Songs of Thalassa is perfect for fans of Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Martian, and Contact, and features a young woman on a journey of self-discovery struggling to develop a sense of place and connections between herself and the universe on an  virgin ocean planet.

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