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It’s finally here! After blogging for seven years about marine biology, surfing, and science I have pulled it all together in my new book, Songs of Thalassa. The book is a beautiful out-of-this world adventure story that takes you on an aquatic, competitive, athletic and emotional journey through the lens of Sage, a young Hawaiian water woman and is based on diverse characters and extensive scientific research, including astronomy, geology, marine biology, surfing, and ocean science, all woven into a gripping tale set in the reaches of deep space.

Take a low-gravity planet ocean world. Give it a single subcontinent with a ragged coast. Throw in two large-ish moons to complicate tidal patterns. What you wind up with are the most powerful, most dangerous waves in the Galaxy—and the most challenging surfing competitions ever. This is Thalassa, sole habitable planet in the Procyon system. On Thalassa ordinary waves are as high as tsunamis on Earth . . . and tsunamis are unimaginable. And strange, savage creatures prowl unknown depths.

Don Sakers, Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine

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