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by Brian Tissot

This is a presentation I give to the public to provide information on the science of global climate change. All material is referenced to their original sources so the veracity of the information can be verified.

Here’s a list of references that are useful for various aspects of climate change included in my presentation.

Science of Climate Change

Good overall source of information:

Skeptical Science (debunks myths about climate change):

Climate Central: a general source of current climate news and science

University Washington Climate Center: PNW and west coast data online

Effects on Marine Ecosystems

Climate Scoreboard: progress on climate change (or not!)

Marine ecosystem resilience example: Resilience from PISCO website

  • Lafferty, K. D. & M. D. Behrens. 2005. Temporal variation in the state of rocky reefs: does fishing increase the vulnerability of kelp forests to disturbance? In: Garcelon DK, Schwemm CA (eds) Sixth California Islands Symposium. Institute for Wildlife Studies, Ventura, CA, p 511-520.

Changing shoreline composition:

  • Graham, M. H., P. K. Dayton. And M. Erlandson. 2003. Ice ages and ecological transitions on temperate coasts. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 18 (1), 33-40.

Long-term climate changes in the ocean:

  • Norris, R. D., S. Kirtland, P.M. Hull and A. Ridgwell. 2013. Marine ecosystem Responses to Cenozoic Global Change. Science 341 (6145): 492-498.
  • Roemmich, D. and J. McGowan. 1995. Climatic warming and the decline of zooplankton in the California Current. Science. 1995 Mar 3;267(5202):1324-6.

Coral Reef Watch: alerts on global coral bleaching events

Effects of ocean acidification on rockfish:

Politics and Policy

Union of Concerned Scientists:

Expert Credibility:

  • William R. L. Anderegga,, James W. Prall, Jacob Harold, and Stephen H. Schneider. 2009. Expert credibility in climate change.

Media Bias:

  • Boykoff, M. T. and J. M. Boykoff. 2004. Balance as bias: global warming and the US prestige press. Global Climate Change 14(2004): 125-136.

California Climate Strategy:

Additional Dr. Abalone Blog Posts:


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