Forty-eight years ago millions of people in 192 countries across the globe created Earth Day on April 22, 1970. The first celebration took place in 2,000 colleges and universities, 10,000 primary and secondary schools, and hundreds of communities across the US involving over 20 million Americans.  That day changed the world.

Lately, it seems like we are forgetting what they fought for: the right to clean air and water, to live in a chemical- and oil-free world, and to preserve our precious biodiversity. Here’s what I wrote to celebrate this year’s event, April 22, 2017:

Today, Earth Day, as I watched the crystal blue ocean, heard waves crashing on the shore, smelled the sharp scent of the sea, heard birds singing on the rocks, I was reminded of the larger context of science. As scientists we search for the truth in nature, both to discover her beauty but also to understand so we may live together in harmony. For lest us forget, our lives are forever linked to the health of the earth, to the sea. For ultimately we are simply taking care of ourselves. Let us rejoice in the beauty of our amazing planet and honor those, the scientists and many others, that dedicate their lives to understanding what we need, what we love, and are forever bound to. For without that knowledge we may lose sight of the truth in nature and our understanding of our connections to the earth

Here’s a reminder of what they fought for back in 1970, for those that need it.

Song by Iron Butterfly, Slower Than Guns, released in August 1970. Here are the lyrics.

Can you feel the man-made mist
As it starts to twist your lungs?
Slower than guns

Breathe deep
As you enter sleep
Fell secure it’s all around you

Can you see the golden brown
As it circles round your town
Town coming down

Smokin’ stacks on industry’s backs
In this land of a cigarette pack
Feel secure they’re all around you

Miles and miles of gasoline fumes
In the air like transparent tombs
Feel secure they’re all around you

DDT making bugs relax
They’re in your food like poison tacks
How about that

Eat well they’re all within you
Town coming down

 Iron ButterflySlower Than Guns – Metamorphosis

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