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Why You Can’t Go Home Again (But Don’t Need To)

Home. We all know the meaning. But what does it really mean? To me, growing up in a nomadic Navy family with 21 different houses, home was where my mother made it. But when I left for college, I sought a new home, one of my own. But it eluded me until I had my own family. Ah, this is it. So, I thought.

Aim For The Moon: The Space Program That Inspired a Generation of Scientists

My career, and my broad interests in science, were inspired by America’s race to the moon. Between 1961 and 1972, I grew up watching the space missions of Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. The astronauts were my heroes and I loved the technology. As a kid, those were magical times and they taught me to believe in the impossible. I’ve been a scientist now for 40 years and it’s hard to underestimate the power of those heady days to inspire my career trajectory.

Abalone: the Chase, the Lore, the Future

Abalone are definitely one of the most exquisite things to eat from the sea. Their sublime flavor is both buttery and slightly salty and tastes like a cross between a scallop and calamari. But a big part of abalone is the culture of chasing, catching and eating wild abalone.

The Gift of Life: 25 years with a Kidney Transplant

The purpose of this post is to tell our family stories in the hope that they will answer questions, calm fears, and encourage living donor related kidney transplants. Our two family transplants have been completely successful and have enriched the lives of each of the participants. Our transplants have heightened the love that we have for each other.

Ocean Movies you Love to Hate: Endless Descent (aka The Rift) (1989)

Most science fiction movies are based loosely on science. Usually, this means they make a few technical or impossible leaps to move the plot forward but generally adhere to the basic laws of science. But in most cases, filmmakers are forgiven for their science-defying sins as long as the story makes up for it. In contrast, Endless Descent (aka The Rift) seems to delight in making so many impossible and incredulous scientific leaps, that they grow to a level of absurdity that transcends the believable.