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Ocean Movies you Love to Hate: Endless Descent (aka The Rift) (1989)

Most science fiction movies are based loosely on science. Usually, this means they make a few technical or impossible leaps to move the plot forward but generally adhere to the basic laws of science. But in most cases, filmmakers are forgiven for their science-defying sins as long as the story makes up for it. In contrast, Endless Descent (aka The Rift) seems to delight in making so many impossible and incredulous scientific leaps, that they grow to a level of absurdity that transcends the believable.

Find the Kraken! The Search for Giant Squid

The idea of the Kraken appears in Melville’s Moby Dick in 1851; played a major role in Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea in 1870; and appeared as the Watcher in the Water in Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring, lurking in a lake beneath the western walls of Moria. The truth is that the giant squid, which may have been the basis for most of these myths and legends, has a real-life story almost as mysterious as unicorns and dragons.

Protecting the Deep-Sea: Conservation in Action

Last week I joined hundreds of scientists across the country and globe calling for greater protection of our deep sea habitats. The effort to protect the deep sea (depths > 3500m) has been ongoing for many years with groups such as Pew and Oceana joining forces with other organizations and scientists. Why protect the deep sea? It…

Curious Creatures of the California Coast: Corals

I remember my first dive clearly, gradually sinking to the bottom in three hundred feet of water. As the bottom approached, the water cleared and in the dim light I could make out white objects covering the seafloor. Suddenly, we landed and the submersible’s pilot turned on the outside lights. Wow! We were surrounded by…