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The Vanishing Canyons of My Youth

It was the Grand Canyon of my youth: deep, dark, and scary as hell. It took me and my 10-year old friends years to conquer our fear of the wilderness in our backyard. They set me on a path in life that serves me to this day. They were the canyons of my youth but they are long gone.

Enemies of the Planet: Earth Day redux

We once lived in a world where, despite our great prosperity, skies were covered in brown smog, suds came into our sinks, trash carpeted our landscape, and poisons permeated our streets and our foods. But yet, despite insurmountable odds, we changed all of that. Now we are faced with a slow, insidious extermination of many key ecosystems and must take action to stop it.

Songs of the Trees

For if time truly is the fire in which our lives burn, shouldn’t we slow life down? Isn’t it prudent to seek solace as the seconds’ tick by? Most of us, myself included, are content to pack our daily lives full of activity. Rushing hither and yon chasing a dream that is perpetually beyond our grasp. After all, there’s so much to do in the world, so much to see, so much to accomplish, so who has time to be idle? But then, what are we missing as life rushes by?

The Call of Nature and the Renewal of the Nature Fast

Hiking into the Washington Cascades. 2006. “To perceive the true nature of existence was one reason for the performing a vision quest; after four days of fasting alone in a high rock, in the great silence and solitude of earth, one is bound to discover that what was thought of as a separate self is…