One of my favorite classic surf films is from my senior year of High School when I lived in the east coast. During spring break 1975 Dave Bence, Frank Dorenkamp, Pat Fulks, and I went on a surf trip in my ’66 VW camper van and Frank’s Chevy Vega to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina from Alexandria, VA. Although the surf at Hatteras was decent (by east coast standards) a cold storm pushed us south in search of waves and we ended up in Florida and surfed Sebastian Inlet and New Smyrna Beach with Dave’s cousin Lee as our guide. It was a wonderful trip! Although I do remember getting seriously sunburned.

At any rate, the film, which I mostly shot and edited, provides a nice feel for those laid-back times: the VW experience, the long road trip, the changing landscape, the camaraderie, and the surfing  It also shows the old position of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse, which was moved in 1999. The video was filmed with my Minolta 8mm camera.

There are many other classic surf films (plus others) on my Dr Abalone youtube channel.

The music is by Pink Floyd “Time”, Doobie Brothers “Rockin’ down the Highway”, “Black Water”, Wishbone Ash “Leaf and Stream”, Honk “High in the Middle” and Doobie Brothers “Ukiah.” This is the original music we played back then on the trip.



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