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Indomitable: The Spirit of Chris Hitchcock

Despite the neverending complaints that life isn’t fair, in reality it isn’t. Some of us are born into circumstances beyond our control and spend our life trying to catch up to where most start. Unfortunately, many don’t even get close. The truth is we never really know what anyone else is dealing with or where they are coming from.…

Skipper: Stories of my Grandfather

Sydney Nelson Patton (1882-1976) was born into the world of another era. During his life he arguably witnessed the greatest change of any generation: when he was young he rode horses, trains and read by candles but during his life he saw the advent of electricity, radio, cars, airplanes, TV and he watched men walk on the moon. During his lifetime the world grew from 1.2 billion (1880) to 4 billion people (1975), he saw the US engage in five major wars, and he lived under 17 US presidents.

Coming to America: the Journey from Valangin, Switzerland

Jules Ernest Tissot and Family in Chino around 1910. Back row (from left): Adele Marchaud Tissot (1824-1910), Adele Tissot Aubert (1869-1955), unknown, Jules Ernest Tissot “the Black” (1864-1915), Gabrielle Tissot Mulvane (1893-1982), Cecile Franc Tissot (1865-1941). Second row (from left): Unknown, Jules Henri Tissot (1901-1965) Front row (from left): Cecile Emma Tissot (1903-1988); unknown, Ethyl…