Chris Hitchcock
Chris Hitchcock, 1958-2017

Despite the neverending complaints that life isn’t fair, in reality it isn’t. Some of us are born into circumstances beyond our control and spend our life trying to catch up to where most start. Unfortunately, many don’t even get close. The truth is we never really know what anyone else is dealing with or where they are coming from.  Although I have my own medical issues, I have always took comfort in knowing that I was largely intact and able to live a normal life with the support of my family and friends. For motivation, I always compared my situation to  others that had it far worse but still managed to live an extraordinary life despite their personal challenges. Such was the case for Chris Hitchcock.

Chris lived next door to my parents in Corral De Tierra, a neighborhood halfway between Monterey and Salinas in California. He was born in 1958 with cerebral palsy in addition to other health issues. Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders affecting a person’s ability to move resulting from brain damage. It affects body movement, muscle control, coordination, tone, reflex, posture, and balance. Many individuals with cerebral palsy also suffer visual, learning, hearing, and speech damage, experience epilepsy and have intellectual impairments. It is estimated that some 500,000 children and adults in the United States have symptoms of cerebral palsy.

I knew Chris solely from a half-dozen meetings I had with him over a ten-year period. Despite being permanently wheelchair-bound and lacking control of his muscles, all he wanted to talk about was science. And talk we did: marine biology, astronomy, new discoveries in physics, his interests were broad and deep. I soon learned he was a voracious reader and knew what was going on in the world, in many ways more than I did. His mind was amazing and he had a vast knowledge of biology, including genetics, ecology and evolution. Once I had just returned from diving in a submersible in Carmel Canyon amongst schools of large Humboldt squid. As I told him the story he quickly asked for more details about their appearance, schooling behavior, and what it felt like to be underwater with the squid. There was no envy, no resentment, just curiosity, and joy as I shared my experiences.

At first, I had trouble reconciling Chris’s mind with his body but I soon came to realize he was simply an incredibly smart man trapped in a disabled body. But everything he had learned had been while he suffered from an illness that would have incapacitated most of us. The most amazing thing, which inspired me the most, was that he never complained about his condition, his situation in life, or how he was feeling. He had clearly accepted his fate, moved on, and was living life the best he could. His extraordinary perspective was a model for me.

I am compelled to write about Chris because he is not well-known outside of his close circle of friends and family in Salinas and Monterey Counties. But everyone that knew him came away changed by his outlook on life. Anyone who crossed paths with Chris became instant lifelong friends. For he had a heart of gold, and never forgot anyone’s birthday, anniversary, or a special occasion.

If Chris would have been born into a normal functioning body he would have become . . . well, we don’t know. . . and never will. But whatever he might have become he was an extraordinary human being. His indomitable spirit shone bright, challenging all of us to be better people and cherish the life we have. I feel very fortunate to have known Chris. My hope is that his memory will inspire others that didn’t have the opportunity to know him.

Equally amazing was the devotion of his family. His parent’s life was all about supporting Chris, which they did without reservation. His mother, Gerry, was especially committed to him and her life revolved around his. I have never seen such devotion.

Importantly, Chris had high points in his life (from his obituary):

Chris graduated from Palma High School in 1977, as 1 of 4 valedictorian’s, which was one of Chris’s shining moments in life. All of his classmates knew of his struggles and health issues. Upon the announcement of his scholastic accomplishments, his entire class gave him a standing ovation, the rest of the auditorium followed which seemed to last forever. Chris was in the spotlight and had a grin from ear to ear, and there was not a dry eye in the auditorium. Chris then pursued his studies at UC Davis, graduating with a BS degree in Zoology, and then an MS degree in Biological Sciences.

Knowing Chris has changed me forever. I learned that my normal “everyday” life should never be taken for granted. Moreover, we can never know what another’s life is like. We just need to accept — not judge — and have compassion for each other.  Life is precious and we need to make each day count. Chris knew and taught me that without saying a word.

Link to Chris’s Obituary

Dec. 2017 Update: A Scholarship has been set up in Chris’s name at Palma School in Salinas so that his memory will live on. See below for details on how to contribute.

Christopher Hitchcock Scholarship Fund-Science and Inspiration

Dear member of the Class of ’77,

As we know, Chris Hitchcock passed away on April 3, 2017. He may have been little known outside of his class, but I believe he was one of Palma and Notre Dame’s greatest sons. He wasn’t a champion on the athletic field but was a great student and what is more, a great individual and with an amazing heart, soul, and will. He won many scholastic awards and much more importantly won our admiration, love, and respect for the person he was. I knew Chris as our next door neighbor and, my sister, Laurie, was of course, in the Class of ’77.

Even though many years have rolled by, I was still moved and saddened to hear of Chris’ passing away. It would be fitting if we can somehow bring Chris’ story to the larger Palma and Notre Dame population and have him and his story inspire and help others in their path. In doing so, we can continue and perpetuate a life well lived.

We are announcing and now accepting donations for the first annual Chris Hitchcock Scholarship for a graduating senior in 2018. The recipient would ideally be strongly oriented towards the sciences, like Chris, but more importantly, someone with a great heart, also like Chris.

The initial goal is to fund an annual scholarship of $1000. Approximately $30,000 would be needed to sustain that award. Mathematically, if 300 people were to contribute $100, that goal could be attained.

There is also a barbeque planned by the Hitchcock’s this spring, to help raise funds, along with other events.

You and your class are the first to hear of the effort and your response will be the basis and inspiration for all Palma and Notre Dame alumni and others throughout the Valley to take part and contribute. The ripple will no doubt benefit us, as well, and those who follow after us. The goal can surely be accomplished.

We can keep Chris’ spirit working to inspire, and in doing so benefit one graduate now, perhaps many more in the future, and Palma and Notre Dame as a whole in the process.

Checks can be sent to Palma School, 919 Iverson St., Salinas, CA 93901.
Write “Christopher Hitchcock Scholarship Fund” in the memo line.

Contact, Br. Dunne, Facebook messenger at Palma 77, or for more details.

Thanks and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all,

Patrick Donohue, (Class of ’74), Gerry, Patrick, and Pete Hitchcock

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  1. Thank you Brian for sharing this beautiful story with us !!  Chris sounds like he was in amazing guy….. as are you…. not many people would take the time to uncover this beautiful treasure of a person !Sent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App

  2. Chris will be greeting you standing and with open arms the next time you see him. What a treasure of a person to have known.

  3. I was privileged to be one of Chris’s caregivers. It was a pleasure to be able to call Chris a friend. Thank You for writing such an outstanding mini biography of Chris. He was indeed more than brilliant and inspiring. Your article sure did reflect that about him! I could always go to Chris for honest advice. I miss him very much he will always have a place in my heart thats for sure. Also Thank You to the Hitchcock family for allowing me the pleasure to be a pall bearer for my friend. The Mass and services were an outstanding tribute for Chris Hitchcock, he had every seat filled with someone he had inspired.

  4. Thank you Brian for such a beautiful article about my Chris. I was so taken back and surprised it was lovely. I showed it to many people and everybody had tears. No one will forget him with stories like yours. You captured his essence ands life story.

    • I could never do justice to the story you wrote about him. It was remarkable and you brought him to life. I was surprised that you wrote the article and thrilled that you thought so highly of him. He would have been so very pleased you thought so highly of him. Thank you my door is open whenever you come I would love to see you.

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