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It’s finally here! After blogging for seven years about marine biology, surfing, and science I have pulled it all together in my new book, Songs of Thalassa. The book is based on extensive scientific research, including astronomy, marine biology, surfing, and ocean science, all set in the reaches of deep space. The plot follows the main character, Sage, a Hawaiian surfer, as she takes the spiritual journey of a lifetime. For more details on the book visit

Because reviews and marketing around the book’s publication date are essential, I am promoting a special book launch with those willing to buy the book and post reviews on Amazon. So I need your help to get things moving.

If you are interested, here’s how you can help: 

1. Tell your family and friends about the book and why they should read it (see reviews below and a summary on my website).

2. Read the first chapters for free here.

3. Purchase a Kindle eBook from Amazon as soon as possible. Sales drive the rankings which helps sell the book. You can order it here: purchase Songs of Thalassa for Kindle

4. Or, buy a hard copy (soft cover) from the BookBay BookShop right now (and on Amazon on May 20th): purchase Songs of Thalassa hard copy.

5. When you are ready, post a review of the book on Posting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook also helps.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and being part of my online ‘ohana. To thank you, for a limited time, you will have exclusive access to order a Songs of Thalassa t-shirt (see below). Also, if you want an autographed copy of my book I can send you one for $30, just contact me at

I’ll continue to blog as I always have and will be in touch about progress on my follow up book, Song of Hina, the second in the Songs of the Universe trilogy. 

Aloha, Brian

Advance praise for Songs of Thalassa:

Noelani Puniwai, Ph.D.
University of Hawaii School of Hawaiian Knowledge Hilo, Hawaii

The Song of Thalassa helps us understand what it means to love and listen with our hearts. Building on the aloha that the Hawaiian culture shares with the world, Tissot expands this love to the stars.”

Michelle Tissot
Freelance Writer

Prescott Valley, Arizona

“Laughing, crying, furious at times, I easily slipped into Sage’s world as she broke barriers, discovered her inner-strength and generally kicked ass across the universe. She’s a character you won’t soon forget! And just as unforgettable as Sage are the choices she makes when confronted with fame, family culture, greed and the surprises of a new world that could be the answer to her greatest desires. Like a beautiful melody, Songs of Thalassa will fill your heart, mind, and soul. I hope you join in the song…” 

Joe Pitkin
English Professor
Clark College
Vancouver, WA

author of Stranger Bird

The story has an engaging and innovative storyline–the mix of oceanography and surfing on a low-gravity exoplanet is a really cool idea… a reader is likely to learn a lot about volcanology, ecology, and planetary science from this story.

Mark Hixon, Ph.D.
Marine Biologist & Surfer 
University of Hawaiia at ManoaHonolulu, Hawaii

“An inspiring blend of Hawaiian spirituality, big-wave surfing, and ocean science set in the fictional reaches of deep space.”

James Lindholm, PH.D
Marine Biologist & Surfer
Cal State Monterey BayCarmel, California

Author of Into a Canyon & Blood Cold

Awesome. Tissot not only succeeds in capturing on the page what it is to surf big waves (a rare feat), but he also seamlessly constructs a universe around the love of surfing that has spread to other planets.”

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