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Herein is a listing, chronological, of all my surfing videos and a few others of potential interest. For general information on my movies read The greatest surf movies you’ve probably never heard about (Interview with Brian Tissot). For additional movies please check out my YouTube Channel. These videos are available for use as stock footage which have been licensed by the following:

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“Another Pefect Day” Here’s my oldest surf movie from early High School (Encinal HS in Alameda) where Jeff Chamberlain, Sam George and I surfed Santa Cruz non-stop. Featured is south of Harbor, Stockton Ave, 26th Ave., Steamer Lane and The Hook. Shot with my old 8mm. Music by Grand Funk Railroad “I’m your Captain” Classic times!

“Time was” A surfing movie I made in High School (Mt. Vernon HS) at the beaches in Indian River Inlet, Delaware and Ocean City, Maryland, 1974. Music by Wishbone Ash: “Time Was.” Where are you Frank Dorenkamp?

“A Hatteras Odyssey” During spring break in 1975 Dave Bence, Frank Dorenkamp, Pat Fulks and I went on a surf trip to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina from Alexandria, VA. The surf was good but we keep going and drove to Florida to surf at Sebastian Inlet and New Smyrna Beach in Florida. Great trip! The Cape Hatteras lighthouse has been moved since then. Filmed with my 8mm camera. Music by Wishbone Ash: The King will Come & Blowin Free.

For more information see A Hatteras Odyssey

“Fort Point” Old surf movies I made of Fort Point and Ocean Beach, near San Fransisco, CA with an 8mm camera. First 3 min of Fort Point and Ocean Beach in 1975. At 3:20 film on me and Jeff Chamberlain being arrested by MPs in 1972 when it was illegal to surf there (but uncrowded). We were cited with “trespassing on military property for purposes unlawful.”

For more information see Early Surfing at Fort Point and Getting Busted Surfing at Fort Point, 1973

“Highway Star” This movie was filmed while I was finishing Mt. Vernon High School in Alexandria, Virginia in 1974-75 and during my first year in college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California in 1975-76. The scenes are streets, sidewalks, and driveways around Alexandria and San Luis Obispo. The final scene was filmed at the Carlsbad Skatepark in March, 1976, right after it opened. At the time it was the only skatepark in the world. Featured in the film are: Tom Fulks, Pat Fulks, Frank Dorenkamp, Hugh Elliottee, Jeff Emerick, Brad Chamberlain and myself. Everyone helped film some of the scenes, including Jeff Chamberlain. The original music used for the film is listed at the end but I couldn’t use it here except for Highway Star. Thanks to for the royalty-free music.

For more information see Sidewalk Surfing: Old Skating Movies from the 70s

“Big Rock” Surfing at Big Rock in La Jolla, Dec. 1976. Music by Wishbone Ash “You See Red.”

“Goin Skatin” A short film on a trip to the Lopez Lake spillway near San Luis Obispo in 1976 in my ’57 VW van. Also included are short takes at the San Francisco City College reservoir and an empty pool at the Triangle apartments in SLO. Featured are Tom Fulks, Frank Dorenkamp, Jeff Emerick, and me. Music by Montrose, Space station #5.

For more information see Sidewalk Surfing: Old Skating Movies from the 70s

“San Miguel” A surf trip to Ensenada in Baja California on Dec. 20-21,1976 where we surfed San Miguel on a nice swell. Great day where you could ride past the jetty. Music by Wishbone Ash “Outward Bound.”

For more information about this video see Demise of the Dawn Patrol and the Search for Uncrowded Waves

This film is on the local areas where I surfed while attending Cal Poly in 1975-1982. I lived in Shell Beach and surfed Pismo pier, St. Ann’s and Sewers. Wonderful days! Music by Wishbone Ash, Lorelei.

Home surfing movies I made with my brother, Craig Tissot, during a trip to Bali in 1978 and Hawaii in 1979-80. Bali: Kuta Beach, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu. Hawaii: Honolua Bay, Haleiwa, Ala Moana. You had to hike to Ulu back in those days. Shot with Sony 8mm camera with Ikleite housing. All footage by Brian & Craig Tissot. Music by Tony Kaltenberg’s Spiral Waves album, the song is “High Tide at Ten Mile”

For more information see Surfing Bali in the 1970s

Home surfing movies I made during a trip to Bali in 1978 (in order): Kuta Beach, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu. You had to hike to Ulu back in those days. Shot with Sony 8mm camera. All footage by Brian Tissot. Music by Tony Kaltenberg.

For more information see Surfing Bali in the 1970s

“A Day in the Life” Michael Hewes and I made this movie in the summer of 1985 in Laguna Beach. Includes super 8mm footage from Laguna Beach (below Bluebird where we lived) and the Wedge in Newport Beach, California. Fun times! Photography by Brian Tissot. Music by Steel Dragon “We all Die Young”

More movies to come!

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  1. Hi Brian..! Did you ever upload “The Adventures of Pablo Tortugas” from our trip to Baja in 1986..? Paul D.

  2. Hi Brian!

    Hope you and the family are well.

    Just back from a week-long surf trip to the area around Zihautenejo. Great time. Long, left-hand point at La Saldita, north of Zihaut… While we were there, a local restaurant was promoting “abalone” on their menu. One of the guys ordered it and i was quite positive it was merely re-packaged conch, limpet, whelk or something else. Ever heard of this? I certainly have never heard of a legit Haliotis on the west coast of mainland Mex. Feel free to get back to me at



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